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Waverly Elementary has a unique History. It was housed at three different locations. At one time, it was located in downtown Waverly and served first through eighth grades. The original school was situated on West Main Street and was started by two brothers, J.A. Gray and M. R. Gray and served both lower and high school classes. When the High School was moved to East Main Street, in the 1920’s, the elementary grades remained at the West Main location.

As the population increased, the first through sixth grades were transferred to the building currently housing Waverly Jr. High School. This moved occurred during Christmas Break, in 1948.  During this period, Waverly Elementary was governed by a “Special City School District”, rather than the current County School District. In the Spring of 1955, Delmas Robertson was named as Superintendent, by the City School Board. As that student population outgrew the building, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Facility next door was purchased and grades fourth through sixth were moved to that site.  Growing pains once again caused the students to be relocated, and first through third grades were placed in that building. (Eventually, a new building replaced the VFW hall.) The Elementary title transferred with the students and has remained ever since.  In May of 1955, the school passed to the Humphreys County School System as the result of a citywide referendum.  Delmas Robertson was subsequently elected principal of the school, which was remodeled to accommodate the students.  Kindergarten was added to the curriculum in the early seventies and the number of students served in that area has steadily increased over the years.

As the community continued to change, more capacity was needed, therefore in 1994 the 3rd, 2nd grade halls were built as well as where the main office is now.  In 2000, the building added on it's west wing which was used for 1st grade.

In May of 2010, Waverly Elementary flooded significantly which led to school being closed the rest of the year.  Several years later in 2019 Waverly Elementary experienced a minor flood with only a few inches of water breaching the building.  

On August 21, 2021 Waverly Elementary was decimated by waters never seen in our little town with water getting up to 7 feet in parts of the building. Waverly Elementary moved to McEwen Elementary and High School to finish out the remainder of the year as well as the next as a new temporary location was being remodeled at the old Acme Boot building.  

Going into the 2023-2024 school year Waverly Elementary started at the Acme Boot Building while the new Waverly School was being designed and constructed.

Porter Daniels was the first Principal of East End Elementary

Waverly Elementary School 1955 - present

Delmas Robertson, Principal 

1955 - December 1970

Henry Stamps, Principal

January 1971 - 1975

Delmas Robertson, Principal

1975 - 1980

Enid Barber, Principal

1980 - 1994

Shirley Link, Principal

1994 - 2011

Kelly Rowlett, Principal

2011 - 2014

Vivian Spencer, Principal

2014 - 2022

Bryant Brink, Principal

2022 - Current